With His Own Blood

     I have thought of your reasons for your not trusting responsibilities upon your workers; but you have not been as greatly disappointed as our Redeemer has been grieved and disappointed with our bungling work.  We have shown so little fidelity to Him who has bought us with His own blood.

     I am pleased with every bit of interest that you show in religious things. The way to become great and noble is to be like Jesus, pure, holy, and undefiled.  The honor that you may receive of medical and great men is not of much value as I view it, but the honor you receive of the Lord is of the greatest value.  I want that you should not be almost an overcomer, but a conqueror, and more than conqueror through Him that hath loved you and given His own life to save you from ruin.  You want more and greater trust in God daily.  I want you to be the happiest man that is in heaven.  I want you to be at peace with God here, and have heaven hereafter.  You have to fight the fight of faith in order to overcome skepticism and infidelity.

 ChL 47,48