More Of Jesus



     Let me tell you, brethren in the church at Lemoore, you need more of Jesus and less of self. Think no evil; talk no evil of anyone; keep your lips as with a bridle. You cannot measure others' experience by your own. It would be a deplorable thing if everyone was of the same mind. If all were just like Brother Buckner in religious experience, there would be a wonderful want of fullness in church labor, in carrying forward the work of God. I do not write this to discourage you, but to help you.   

     Brother Buckner is worn and feeble; he needs the help of stronger men, and the church needs the help of stronger men. What if Brother Harvey Grey has made mistakes? What if in some respects we do err, does the Lord forsake us, and forget us, and leave us to our own ways? No, the Lord does not treat us as we wish to treat one another. May the Lord help you all to repent and confess and let the love of Jesus pervade your hearts. Jealousy is all ready to spring into existence at the least provocation. Envy, and evil surmising is ready to be indulged, ready to grow by being cultivated.    

     Oh, how many hurt the heart of Christ because they want their own way, and their own will. Let the warfare be turned against these unenviable traits of  character, and then they will not be against one another in the church of the living God. If there were only such elements existing in the church as characterized the life of Jesus Christ, there would be a firm union. The world is against the church to weaken and destroy it, but let the church of God press together, press together, press together. Let not Satan thrust himself between the members of the church. Do not give one stroke on the enemy's side of the question. Put away egotism. Do not think that one or two men in the church are all the men who are conscientious in the church. You are far too narrow in your thoughts and in your actions. 

15MR 147