Rays Of Light



We should place the precious promises of God where we may look upon them whenever Satan casts his darkness upon us. The enemy of God and man would be well pleased to have us dwell upon our darkness and discouragement, so that the religion of Christ would appear a grievous yoke. You should gather rays of light from Jesus every day. You do not know how many sad hearts you will meet; and will you talk only of your discouragements?--No; forget them, and talk of the mercies of God; and the magnifying glass of Satan will be thrust before your eyes in vain. But if you continue to look at the discouraging features of your experience, they will grow more and more forbidding, until you are completely overwhelmed with gloom. Talk courage, talk faith and hope, and you will be all light in the Lord. Keep thinking of the open door that Christ has set before you, that no man can shut. God will close the door to all evil, if you will give him a chance. When the enemy comes in like a flood, the Spirit of the Lord will lift up for you a standard against him. I want to read you a little poem, entitled, "Count the Mercies," which I cut from a paper.



    "Count the mercies! count the mercies!

       Number all the gifts of love;

     Keep a daily, faithful record

       Of the comforts from above.

     Look at all the lovely green spots

       In life's weary desert way;

     Think how many cooling fountains

       Cheer our fainting hearts each day.

     Count the mercies! count the mercies!

       See them strewn along our way!



    "Count the mercies, though the trials

       Seem to number more each day,

     Count the trials, too, as mercies,

       Add them to the grand array.

     Trials are God's richest blessings,

       Sent to prompt our upward flight

     As the eaglet's nest--all broken,

       Makes them fly to loftier heights.

     Count the mercies! count the mercies!

       That bring heaven within our sight.



    "Let us number all our jewels,

       Let us estimate their worth;

     Let us thank the gracious Giver,

       Strewing blessings o'er the earth;

     Let our hearts o'erflow with gladness.

       Let us tell the wonders o'er,

     Till our multiplying treasures

       Seem a countless, boundless store;

     Then let praises, grateful praises,