What We Do For Others


Is For Jesus

     The Lord requires careful thought, and the highest use of the intellect. When he comes to reckon with his servants, he will not inquire how successful you have been in gathering means; he will inquire, What have you done with the talents I have given you? What have you done for me in the person of the poor, the afflicted, the orphan, and the fatherless? I was sick, poor, hungry, and destitute of clothing; what did you do for me with my intrusted means? How was the time I lent you employed? How did you use your pen, your voice, your money, your influence? I made you the depositary of a precious trust by opening before you the thrilling truths that heralded my second coming? What have you done with the light and knowledge I gave you to make men wise unto salvation? 

ST, June 3, 1889