Walk Modestly Before God

     Now, some say to me, Just tell us what work we should do, just what line we should carry. Now, I do not know that. God has given each of you your capabilities to judge. There are those that will want you to define every movement. Now, God does not want you to do any such thing. He does not wind us up and then wind us up again like a clock. No, He does not do that. Now, if we have our work fixed line upon line to say everyone must work in that way, the devil will know just where to find us. You do not need every point marked out just so. But to labor to be one is the great thing. Labor to stand heart to heart and soul to soul and mind to mind through Jesus Christ. Don't lift up the man. Don't exalt him. If you do, Satan will step in and make mischief. Don't scold. Don't fret. You are not to have favorites, because that is not in accordance with God's will. Treat one another kindly and help one another, not in the way to hell but in the way to heaven, and you may be obtaining victories that you did not dream of; and we want everyone to have this blessed experience.    

     Now, this might be the last chance I will have to speak to you, so I want to tell you something else. Dress yourselves in modest apparel as Christians, and walk modestly before God. God help us to understand what it means to be a Christian. It is to be God-like. What is it? How can two walk together except they be agreed? You want to walk with God, and then Christ will hold out to you a crown of immortality. 


 2SAT 128, 129