Glory To God

     Is there any reason why defilement should be cherished in your heart? If there is not, why are you not cleansed? Nothing that is vile can dwell in the presence of a holy God. Christ gave himself for us that he might "redeem us from all iniquity, and purify unto himself a peculiar people, zealous of good works." We should be like the leper who was cleansed, who returned to give glory to God. There is no reason why our lips should not be trained to the high praises of God. When we hear the words of a cheering discourse, or the earnest exhortation of a brother or sister, why should not a wave of glory and a chorus of "Amens" go up to God from the congregation of his people? Would it not be thus if the fire of God's love were kindled in our hearts? I know it would be so. Coldness, formality, want of faith and love and intense earnestness and devotion, has killed the spirit of warmth and religion out of our services. We need everything,--the gold of love, the white raiment, which is the righteousness of Christ, the eye-slave,--that we may discern the goodness and love of God. When God works for his people, how few return to give him glory? We want a religion that has some consolation in it, that has joy and peace and love in it to recommend it to others. Our religion should be of that heavenly character that will impress the world with the fact that we have been with Jesus and have learned of him.

ST, May 6, 1889