To Obey

     Many are in self-deception, and enter into plans with which the Lord has nothing to do. But the only safe course to be pursued is to obey the word of the Lord. Instead of doing this, many propose to do wonderful things. They find it easier to plan some great thing for the future than to empty themselves of self, surrender to God heart, mind, and will, and submit to be molded by that power that can create and destroy. Let the youth critically examine their motives, by prayer and searching of the Scriptures, and see if their own will and inclinations do not lead away from God's requirements. Many say, "We will do this or that. I can do a good work in this way or that way;" but will you prayerfully consider as to whether you are following the Light of the world, or walking in the sparks of your own kindling? It is a perilous thing to walk in the sparks of your own kindling; for the word of God declares of those who do this, that they "shall lie down in sorrow." In following your own way you will be disappointed. You will have no comfort. You will gain nothing yourself, and will have robbed God of the service due to him, because you insisted in trying your own way, saying, "I will work for God in this way," when God had marked out another course. Your plans seem very plausible; but if they are not wrought in God, they will come to naught. The Lord would have his servants work out his plan; for then he can work with them. God requires obedience. "To obey is better than sacrifice, and to hearken than the fat of rams." God will not tolerate stubbornness and rebellion; "for rebellion is as the sin of witchcraft, and stubbornness is as iniquity and idolatry." 

YI, March 23, 1893